As an Act of Protest is a terrifying prophecy and a grim acknowledgment of where race relations, culture, and police brutality is headed if we continue to deny the realities of both the past and the present.  Now is a time for Protest Cinema and artistic resistance.

Cairo (Che Ayende) is unjustly arrested & humiliated in As an Act of Protest

Cairo (Che Ayende) is unjustly arrested & humiliated in As an Act of Protest

With the acquittal of the Minnesota police officer that unjustly killed Philando Castile, movies bearing a genuine social consciousness revealing our political climate are needed now more than ever. Not bright-light-Hollywood Drone– productions. But hand-made cinematic ‘Molotov cocktails.’A protest cinema.

On July 15th Raleigh Film Underground will host Speller Street Films’ revival screening of As an Act of Protest, pledging all proceeds towards the restoration of the movie so the film can see an eventual DVD release.  Gritty, powerful and provocative movies can remind us of the power of drama and the impact artistic foresight has. 

This is the film the Black Lives Matter movement should be learning from.  A film about the desperation of trying to address the problem that something is “rotten in the state of Denmark.”  If the new generations of activists want to advance theories, improve race-relations techniques, dialectics, and problem solving within the web of social diseases and political oppression ‎in America, they can start by dusting off the art works that was created for them to be inspired by and to challenge. 

All revolutions need art. And this is just one example. 

Spread the word.

July 15th, 2017 – 7 PM, Tickets are $10 (cash) at the door. Raleigh Film Underground at Kings – 14 Martin Street, Raleigh, North Carolina. Visit actofprotest.eventbrite.com for advance tickets. Contact spellerstreetfilms@gmail.com for more information.

Event Flyer

Event Flyer


North Carolina based-Speller Street Films, the independent production company behind the award-winning documentary "Wilmington on Fire" about the horrifying history of the 1898 Wilmington Massacre, have teamed up with Raleigh Film Underground, an independent art collective dedicated to new and progressive works of art and little-seen cult films pushed off the mainstream radar, to re-introduce and eventually release on DVD – poet-filmmaker Dennis Leroy Kangalee’s 2002 guerrilla filmmaking masterwork As an Act of Protest, an intense actor-driven film about the psychological effects of racism and the consequences of both accepting and resisting it.

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